Las Gaviotas Pet Hotel in Chesapeake, Virginia, offers pet pre-boarding preparations to make your pet's stay with us as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Before Boarding

Make your reservations early. We are usually booked up on holidays and during vacation times. If you wait until the last minute to make your reservations, you may be disappointed.

As you make your reservations, verify those items that you should bring with you to the kennel, such as immunization records, special food, medication, bedding, and toys. Make sure that all immunizations are current and that you have immunization records – we require them! Notify us of any special services that you wish to have performed while your pet is in the kennel such as bathing, medication, walks, and playtimes.

Prepare Your Pet For Boarding

Remember that pets, like people, usually appreciate a vacation in new surroundings with new friends. Dogs, once they become familiar with their new surroundings, have a marvelous, exciting time, almost like kids at summer camp. If your dog has never been boarded before, you might consider short, overnight stays at the kennel prior to an extended boarding stay to help him or her get used to boarding. Every time you return, your dog is less likely to be affected by “separation anxiety” and can enjoy boarding more.

As a rule, kittens take to boarding easily and have a wonderful time. Adult cats usually display a very nonchalant attitude towards boarding and prefer to sit quietly and observe the daily kennel routine. They don’t seem inclined to make new feline friends or participate in group play, but seem content to rest, eat, make friends with the help, and purr.

Required Vaccines
Canine (Yearly)

DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis Parainfluenza Parvo) we accept this vaccine without ‘leptospirosis

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Canine Influenza Vaccine (H3N8)

Feline (Yearly) FVRCP (Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus) Rabies

Don’t overfeed your pet right before going to the kennel. The extra food is not necessary and the result might be an
upset stomach.

Finally, because pets sense and reflect our emotions, do not allow any member of the family to stage an emotional “farewell” scene. Your pet can be made to feel unnecessarily anxious about the kennel visit if they are subjected to this kind of dramatic display.

Find a comfortable place to board your pet by contacting our pet kennel in Chesapeake, Virginia.

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Copyright © 2020 Las Gaviotas Pet Hotel. All rights reserved.